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Periscope Holdings, Inc. is the industry leader in purpose-based procurement and bid notification solutions. PSA Contract No. 13-102 enables members to access Periscope’s products and services including: NIGP Commodity/Service Code, NIGP Commodity/Service Code Crosswalks, Commodity Code Services, NIGP Consulting Services, BuySpeed eProcurement, BidSync Source™ and BidSync Contract™.

Contract Term
Two year initial term effective 07/15/2013 through 07/14/2015. Third and final optional annual extension has been executed to extend the contract to 07/14/2018.

Orders are placed directly with Periscope Holdings, referencing PSA Contract No. 13-102.

Vendor Contact Info

Periscope Holdings, Inc.
Mark Didlake
Vice President, Sales

About Periscope Holdings
Periscope Holdings is the industry leader in purpose-based procurement and bid notification. Periscope makes it possible for purpose-driven vendors and suppliers to find like-minded partners in the public marketplace.

Periscope’s e-procurement solutions eradicate waste and maximize the value of every dollar spent by public sector and higher education clients.

Periscope streamlines bid processes, increases efficiency, decreases expenditures, and creates transparency in the procurement process, allowing clients to focus on achieving their purpose.

Periscope also holds the exclusive license to maintain and market the NIGP Commodity/Services Code, and manages the NIGP Consulting Program, which provides a wide range of procurement transformation services, including strategy development sourcing services.

To learn more about Periscope’s suite of solutions, call or email referencing PSA Contract No. 13-102.

Product Overview

NIGP Commodity/Services Code
The NIGP Commodity/Services Code is a coding structure for standardizing purchasing that brings order and consistency for efficiency and economy. Developed by the National Institute of Governmental Purchasing and maintained by Periscope Holdings, Inc., the NIGP Code is the solution that brings the highest levels of organization and efficiency to procurement programs of all kinds as the foundation to unlock key information about purchasing, materials management, and vendor management. The NIGP Code can help you organize and manage:

  • Supplier/vendor management
  • M/WBE and SB reporting/metrics
  • Requisitions/purchase orders/sourcing
  • Spend analytics
  • Green procurement reporting/metrics
  • Inventory management

NIGP Commodity/Services Code Crosswalks
UNSPSC-NIGP Crosswalk – The United Nations Standard Products and Services Code system (UNSPSC) has been cross-referenced to the NIGP 3- or 5-Digit Code.

CSI-NIGP Crosswalk – The Construction Specification Institute (CSI) has been cross-referenced to the NIGP 3- or 5-Digit Code.

NAICS-NIGP Crosswalk – The North American Industry Classification System (NAICS) has now been cross-referenced to the NIGP 5-Digit Code. The NAICS replaced the SIC (Standard Industrial Code).

MCC-NIGP Crosswalk – The Merchant Classification Code (MCC) is utilized by many banks and credit/debit card companies to classify merchants with whom the cardholder has conducted purchase transactions. The MCC has now been cross-referenced to the NIGP 5-Digit Code and serves as an important tool in aggregating Purchasing Card (P-card) data with other (PO/contract-based) spend data.

Commodity Code Services
Coding services are available on a service contract basis and include code conversion and code maintenance. For example, coding specialists can take your inventory and contract files and code them to the NIGP 5-, 7- or 11-Digit levels, then return them to you for input into your files and systems.  Additional Commodity Code Services include:

  • Existing classification/coding review and training
  • Code usage reviews
  • Inventory rationalization
  • “Crosswalk” implementation
  • Spend analysis
  • Project management

NIGP Consulting Services
NIGP Consulting Services focus is to assist in the transformation, support and implementation of improved procurement processes, policies, organizational structures, and services within the public sector. Consultants will work diligently to understand each organization’s needs to determine the most relevant solutions that are tailored for each unique situation. Offerings include review and implementation services around:

  • Enabling legislation statutes and codes, policies and procedures
  • Organization and staffing
  • Management reporting and forecasting
  • Interdepartmental relationships
  • Benchmarking and best practices
  • Performance evaluation and metrics
  • Records/document management
  • Pcard program management and implementation
  • Contract administration management
  • Project management
  • Procurement technology/technology readiness
  • Staff augmentation
  • Strategic sourcing

BuySpeed eProcurement
BuySpeed™ eProcurement is Periscope’s best-of-the-best procure-to-pay solution, which includes procurement software, sourcing, receiving, vendor registration and management, bidding, quotes, accounts payable, government-to-business punch-outs, and requisitioning – all web-enabled, all fully integrated.

  • Customizable vendor management (registration, bidding, POs)
  • De-centralized informal quote support
  • Pre-encumbrance, encumbrance and expense control
  • Out-of-the-box account code support
  • Configurable approval paths
  • Built-in requisition/bid/PO support
  • Contract ordering and contract management
  • Change order support with vendor notification
  • Robust receipt functionality
  • Invoice payment processing
  • Inventory control and management

BidSync Source™
BidSync Source, powered by Periscope, allows government agencies to electronically create, manage and award service and product solicitations to a national database of qualified vendors. BidSync Source helps agencies reduce bid creation time from weeks to hours and facilitates shorter purchasing cycles. By reducing acquisition expenses and increasing operational efficiency, BidSync Source ultimately helps agencies make better use of taxpayer dollars and achieve greater transparency.

BidSync Contract™
BidSync Contract, powered by Periscope, delivers a unique online Contract Lifecycle Management (CLM) solution that accelerates contract execution, improves stakeholder collaboration and strengthens regulatory compliance for government agencies. BidSync Contract offers unparalleled document management and repository capability, which seamlessly integrates workflow streams, approvals and key milestone reminders. Integrating BidSync Contract into an agency’s enterprise system results in increased efficiency and capacity to monitor total contract value and performance.

Pricing can be provided upon request for budgetary and planning purposes. To determine and obtain the lowest available contract price, Periscope and PSA recommend that you call to discuss capabilities with your needs. Additional discounts may apply for bulk purchase by combining applications and/or committing to longer-term agreements.

EDGAR Compliance
The Periscope contract 13-102 is fully EDGAR compliant, as of 4.18.2016.