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BVCOG Regional Plan Part I (document)

BVCOG Regional Plan Part II (document)

BVCOG Closed Landfill Inventory


FY 2008-2009 Regional Councils of Government and The Regional Solid Waste Grants Program Report to the 82nd Texas Legislature

This report is submitted to fulfill the statutory requirements of regional planning commissions, also known as councils of governments (COGs),  to issue a biennial report to the legislature detailing how revenue received for the Regional Solid Waste Grants Program is spent (Solid Waste Disposal Act, Chapter 361, Health and Safety Code, 361.014 (b)). Revenue for this program is provided by the State’s municipal solid waste disposal fee, or “tipping fee,” half of which is designated for regional and local projects.  Please click on the link below to review the FY 2008-2009 report.

Regional COGs and Solid Waste Grants Program Report to 82nd TX Legislature

 Did you know that Americans throw away 2 million plastic bottles an hour?

Below is a video that demonstrates 8 ways to recycle 2 liter plastic bottles.  Recycling plastic bottles has a positive impact on the environment.

Weekend Project: 2 Liter Bottle Recycling


Please click on the link below to find options for recycling various commodities in the Brazos Valley region. You may also check the Bryan/College Station Recycling Directory, which is also available at this link.


BVCOG Recycling PSA (click the link to play)

Recycling PSA

Computer Recycling

The state of Texas has published a website to help cities, counties, community groups, and schools promote computer equipment recycling in newsletters and websites.  Please see the link below.

For more information contact the TCEQ’s Pollution Prevention and Education section at 512-239-3143.


Solid Waste Brochures
outdoor burning
Outdoor Burning Brochure

Take Care of Texas Guide to Yard Care

 Mulching and Composting

Managing Lawn Problems

Managing 10 Common Texas Yard Pests

Landscape Irrigation

Managing Paint and Paint Related Waste Under the Universal Waste Rule -TCEQ

MSW Diversion Methods

MSW Diversion Methods – Options for Local Governments – TCEQ

 Prevent Illegal Dumping – A Guide for Local Governments- TCEQ

 Traditional MSW Disposal -A Guide for Local Governments – TCEQ

Waste from Grease Traps

Waste from Grease Traps, Grit Traps and Septic Tanks -Questions and Answers. TCEQ

Pharmaceutical Waste

Pharmaceutical Wastes BVSWMA

Uncovered Load brochure

 Requests for Assistance
-Organization Request for Assistance
-Citizen Report of Illegal Dumping

Parents, Students, and Teachers

 Teachers Guide to Environmental Education Resources

Texas Commission on Environmental Quality  http://www.tceq.state.tx.us/

– Texas Association of Regional Councils  http://www.txregionalcouncil.org/

-Environmental Protection Agency     http://www.epa.gov/
How Landfills Work   http://science.howstuffworks.com/environmental/green-science/landfill.htm

Environmental Kids Club http://www.epa.gov/kids/

Welcome to Recycle City http://www.epa.gov/recyclecity/

-Take Care of Texas: Resources for Teachers and Educators


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