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Welcome to Purchasing Solutions Alliance

Purchasing Solutions Alliance (PSA) is a cooperative purchasing program of the Brazos Valley Council of Governments (BVCOG). PSA is an OPTIONAL USE program with NO FEE to participate.

Why is PSA right for you!

We believe in awarding competitively procured contracts for various goods and services in a manner that obtains the best value for participating member entities nationwide. All PSA contracts are made available as optional use to Cities, Towns, Counties, Special Districts, Political Subdivisions, K-12, Universities/Colleges, Nonprofits, State Agencies, etc. with no fees to participate in membership.

Membership requires the governing body/designee of an entity to execute the PSA Interlocal Purchasing Agreement (ILA) and submit to PSA for approval. Click “Become a PSA Member for FREE” for the ILA.

Agencies interested in finding out more about our cooperative contracts, Click the “Interested Agencies” button to view PSA vendors and contract details.