The BVCOG Finance Department performs the accounting function of all BVCOG programs, in addition to the Brazos Valley Affordable Housing Corporation and the Brazos Valley CDC.

The BVCOG Finance Department strives to maintain the highest levels of financial accountability. Going beyond the minimum requirements of generally accepted accounting principals, they prepare comprehensive annual financial reports that evidence the spirit of transparency and full disclosure. Since 2001, the Government Finance Officers Association has consistently recognized the BVCOG Finance Department with the Certificate of Achievement for Excellence in Financial Reporting.



Finance Reports

Annual Financial Report FY 2018

Annual Financial Report FY 2017

Annual Financial Report FY 2016

Annual Financial Report FY 2015

Required Communication with Governance 2015

Annual Financial Report FY 2014

Annual Financial Report FY 2013

Annual Financial Report FY 2012

Annual Financial Report FY 2011

Annual Financial Report FY 2010


Finance Department Staff

William “Bill” Wasson
Director of Finance (979) 595-2801 ext.2202 Email Bill Wasson

Deborah Krusekopf
Assistant Director of Finance (979) 595-2801 ext.2234 Email Deborah Krusekopf

Matthew Collins
Assistant Director of Finance (979) 595-2801 ext.2210 Email Matthew Collins

Kay Wilson
Senior Accountant – Aging/911 (979) 595-2801 ext.2205 Email Kay Wilson

Mark Garton
Senior Accountant – Workforce (979) 595-2801 ext.2204 Email Mark Garton

Stephen Bailey
Senior Accountant – (979) 595-2801 ext.2207 Email Stephen Bailey

Jasmine Schoellman
Senior Accountant – (979) 595-2801 ext.2203 Email Jasmine Schoellman

Amy Duron
Senior Accountant – (979) 595-2801 ext.2215 Email Amy Duron

Zeb Heckman
Senior Accountant – (979) 595-2801 ext.2208 Email Zeb Heckman

Iqbal Manzoor
Accountant I/Accounts Payable (979) 595-2801 ext.2201 Email Iqbal Manzoor