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Evidence Based Programs

The Brazos Valley Area Agency on Aging has implemented evidence based programs with the goal of empowering older people to take more control of their health.  Several programs were implemented to help accomplish the following goals.

Project Goals

  1. Create a knowledge base for the risks associated with chronic diseases and the benefits of a healthier lifestyle;
  2. Implement and evaluate evidence-based health promotion programs initially in three counties with the goal of achieving wider State coverage;
  3. Help older persons learn to take responsibility for day-to-day self-management of their conditions;
  4. Reduce the burden of chronic disease across the participating regions of Texas;
  5. Increase awareness of local resources for a healthier-lifestyle; and,
  6. Work collaboratively with other States and the national partners to contribute to the science base of evidence-based health promotion.


 Chronic Disease Self-Management Program – This is a workshop facilitated by two trained leaders whom are non-health professionals with chronic diseases themselves.

Diabetes Self Management Program – This is a six week workshop designed to help people manage their diabetes. The workshops helps peole with diabetes learn to eat healthy, problem solve, manage stress and depression, manage medications, and prevent complications, among other things.

A Matter of Balance – This program is a structured group intervention, which utilizes a variety of activities to address physical, social, and cognitive factors affecting fear of falling and to learn fall prevention strategies.

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Web Links

The following are links to our Evidence Based Programs websites. Please view them for additional information.

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Texas Healthy Lifestyles – THL Spring 2010 Evaluation Report

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Texas Healthy Lifestyles – THL Program Highlights to Date – Spring 2010