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The Brazos Valley Council of Governments serves as the local affiliate for the Texas State Data Center (TSDC). As the local affiliate, BVCOG maintains geographic and demographic information on the counties and cities within our region. As well, BVCOG was named the regional coordinating agency for the United States Census Bureau in 2000. As regional coordinator, we have been the point of contact for the Census Bureau’s Statistical Areas Program, which determines census tracts and block groups in each county. In addition, the community and economic development department prepares a State of the Region report on a biannual basis. This report includes basic census, employment, economic, housing and contact information and is provided to entities throughout the region. For census information please contact Chad Peters, Stephen Gage or Kandyce Fernandez at 979-595-2800.

Below are some useful websites for Demographic Data in the U.S., Texas, and the seven-county BVCOG region:

U.S. Census Data
Texas State Data Center
Texas Online

Brazos County Handout