> HIV Administration

2019-2020 Awards

2019-20 HOPWA

2019-20 Ryan White Part B

2019-20 Ryan White Part B – Supplemental

2019-20 State Services

2019-20 State Services-R

Current Policies and Procedures

DSHS Policy 220.001: Eligibility to Receive HIV Services

DSHS Policy 590.001: DSHS Funds as Payment of Last Resort

DSHS HIV Core and Support Service Categories

DSHS Housing Opportunities for Persons with AIDS (HOPWA) Program

BVCOG HIV Policies Procedures – 2019 (Updated October 2019)

Health Insurance Assistance Policy for Central Texas

Ryan White HIV/AIDS Program Recipient Resources

Local Pharmaceutical Assistance Program (LPAP)

Local AIDS Pharmaceutical Assistance

LPAP Board and Formulary Development

Medication Inclusion / Exclusion Form

LPAP Formulary 2019 (Updated October 2019)

Case Management

DSHS Case Management Tools / Training 

Texas HIV Case Management Standards of Care (PDF : 426 kB)

ADAP(THMP) Enrollment

Texas HIV Medication Program (THMP)

Texas HIV Medication Program – Documents

Texas HIV State Pharmaceutical Assistance Program (SPAP)

Texas HIV Medication Program – Medicare Part D (Medicare RX) Information

Monitoring Tools

DSHS Master Service Category Monitoring Tools 2019 (Excel : 375 kB) – Effective January 2019

HOPWA Monitoring Tool (Excel : 295 kB)

Priority Assessment Tool

Quality Management

BVCOG QM Plan 2017-2021

Appendix B 2017-2021

Attachment A Performance Measures

Sub-contractor Reporting

HOPWA Progress Report Project Sponsor

2019 Subcontractor Semiannual Report template (Revised September 2019)


Reallocation Request Form (Ryan White / State Services / State R)

HOPWA Reallocation Request

Income Calculation Form (Excel : 19 kB)

2019 CAP Required Template

Form GC-11

Oral Health Waiver form