Hurricane Harvey

Method of Distribution

The Brazos Valley Council of Governments published a Method of Distribution (MOD) for the Community Development Block Grant Disaster Recovery (CDBG-DR) funds, DR-4332 in response to Hurricane Harvey.  A Public Comment Period was held, enabling the public an additional opportunity to review the final MOD based on the planning and recommendations of the jurisdictions for the eligible jurisdictions in the Burleson, Grimes, Madison, and Washington Counties.

The Brazos Valley Council of Governments (BVCOG)  collected public comments for the Method of Distribution (MOD) for $5,840,778.00 in Local Buyout/Acquisition Funds, and $3,007,825.00 in Local Infrastructure Funds. BVCOG hosted two public hearings in accordance with to the guidelines provided in the Hurricane Harvey-Round 1 Councils of Governments Method of Distribution Guidelines.  The first public hearing held June 13, 2018 focused on available funding opportunities, eligibility criteria, and MOD plan development.  The second public hearing was conducted June 28, 2018 to receive public comment on the draft MOD.  BVCOG followed the BVCOG Citizen Participation Plan for Citizen and Non-Governmental Organizational outreach.  Citizens and Non-Governmental Organizations were informed of the opportunity to participate in the Method of Distribution planning and development through several messaging means.  Public meeting information was distributed by utilizing multiple local newspapers/medias, mass emails through normal BVCOG channels, letters to local organizations that provide services or housing for low to moderate income persons, public housing authorities, and such, and posting on the BVCOG website.   BVCOG encouraged jurisdictions to inspire participation as well.    Citizens, jurisdictions, and organizations had the availability to provide comments either orally during meetings, mail, or electronically to BVCOG.

BVCOG Harvey Method of Distribution Summary

BVCOG Method of Distribution Buyout and Infrastructure Summary