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Public Safety Planning

The Public Safety Planning Department of the Brazos Valley Council of Governments is significantly involved in several aspects of public safety planning, including: Emergency Communications, Hazard Mitigation, Homeland Security, Criminal Justice, Emergency Management, planning & training, and grant management for several major federal grant programs.

Public safety planning includes establishing liaisons with statewide as well as regional emergency management coordinators, federal government, state government, local & county government, law enforcement, fire fighters, emergency medical services, public & educational officials, and emergency communications organizations.

Additionally, the Public Safety Planning Department is responsible for the development and maintenance of the Regional Interoperable Communications Plan, Region Emergency Response Plan, & the Hazard Mitigation Plan, and well as the oversight of the Homeland Security Grants, Interoperable Emergency Communications Grant, Criminal Justice Grants, Public Safety Communications Grants, as well as other public safety-related funding programs as they become available.





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