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BVCOG receives planning funds from the Criminal Justice Division (CJD) of the Governor for regional criminal justice planning, technical assistance to grantees and facilitation of the Criminal Justice Advisory Committee.  Department staff also seek and send out notices of grant funding opportunities to local agencies.  Staff work with area law enforcement, victim service organizations, schools, non-profits, and other agencies to develop the BVCOG 2015-2019 Strategic Plan Final 1.26.17.  This plan addresses local priorities and needs in victim services, juvenile justice, law enforcement, mental health and substance abuse.  The priorities outlined in this plan are used by the Criminal Justice Advisory Committee to score and rank grant applications.

BVCOG administers a grant that provides tuition reimbursement to regional law enforcement agencies for TCOLE approved courses.  These agencies can receive 60% of the tuition cost for sending officers to TCOLE approved courses.  The reimbursement application is available here.  Funds are only available to law enforcement agencies, no funds can be given to individuals.

BVCOG administers a pass-through grant to rural juvenile justice departments in the region.  This grant is distributed based on percent of juvenile population to the 6 rural counties in the COG.  These counties can request reimbursement for approved expenses that include:

  • Counseling and Classes for Juveniles on Probation
  • Psychological Testing
  • Drug Abuse Treatment and Testing
  • Short Term Residential Care


Current Grant Information

CJD Information

Current information available at the CJD website include:

Main Website and Registration

Grant Funding Schedule (Grant Solicitations Available Here)

BVCOG Information

The Criminal Justice Advisory Committee (CJAC) scores and ranks regional applications for CJD grant solicitations.  The following documents outline the membership of CJAC, policies governing CJAC and the policies and procedures for the scoring and ranking of applications

CJAC Members

CJAC Bylaws

BVCOG Request for Proposals / Policies and Procedures FY 2019

Score Sheets

BVCOG FY2019 General Victim Score Sheet

BVCOG FY2019 Violence Against Women Score Sheet

BVCOG FY2019 Juvenile Justice Score Sheet

Justice Assistance Grant Score Sheet FY 2019


Grants Awarded for FY 2018 Funding Year

The following is a list of the grants awarded through the Criminal Justice Division of the Governor’s Office for the FY 2018 funding cycle.

Victims of Crime Act Fund

Provides funding for services for victims including: responding to the emotional and physical needs of crime victims; assisting victims in stabilizing their lives after a victimization; assisting victims to understand and participate in the criminal justice system; and providing victims with safety and security.

FY 2018 Grantees:

Sexual Assault Resource Center

Project: Sexual Assault Victims Assistance;  $268,031 (2 year grant)

Twin City Mission Inc

Project: Project Safe;  $246,806.55 (2 year grant)

Robertson County Juvenile Probation

Project: Diversion and Family Preservation Services;  $41,200

Focusing Families

Project: Victim Advocacy and Assistance Program; $174,065

Leon County Domestic Violence Advocates

Project: Leon County – Community Helping Community; $209,396.80

VAWA — Violence Against Women Act Fund

Provides assistance in developing and implementing effective victim—centered law enforcement, prosecution, and court strategies to address violent crimes against women. VAWA also funds the development and enhancement of victim services in cases involving violent crimes against women

FY 2018 Grantees:

Brazos County

Project: Crimes Against Women Prosecution Unit; $145,000

Sexual Assault Resource Center

Project:  Mobilizing Sexual Assault Response Teams; $50,750


Edward Byrne Memorial Justice Assistance Grant Program

These funds provide nonprofit organizations and state and local applicants with funds for a wide range of prevention, diversion, information sharing, victims services, training, and other projects designed to reduce crime and improve the criminal justice system.

FY 2018 Grantees:

Texas A&M University

Project: Mobile Field Force Gas Masks; $27923.50

Washington County

Project: Active Shooter Incident Equipment; $49,145.41

Bryan ISD

Project: Justice Assistance Grant: Juvenile Delinquency Prevention and Intervention; $52,916


Juvenile Justice and Delinquency Prevention – JJDP

CJD awards these funds to nonprofit organizations and state and local applicants to provide training, prevention, intervention, education and alternatives for Texas youths.

FY 2018 Grantees:

Brazos Valley Council of Governments

Project: Juvenile Justice Alternatives; $30,000

Bryan ISD

Project:  Youth Drug and Alcohol Prevention; $34,513

For questions on grant funding opportunities or for further information on the department you may contact:

Rebecca Hill
Senior Public Safety Planner (979) 595-2800 ext. 2041
Email Rebecca Hill