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Homeland Security 

The Brazos Valley Homeland Security program promotes regionalism in planning and response to man-mad and natural disasters with a whole community approach.  The department coordinates homeland security activities among all agencies and jurisdictions within the region, as well as public and private-sector stakeholders.  It also serves as the liaison and point of contact with the Texas Department of Homeland Security.

Homeland Security Advisory Committee

The Homeland Security Advisory Committee (HSAC) leverages the experience, expertise, and regional and statewide connections of the HSAC membership to provide the agencies and jurisdictions within the Brazos Valley Region, real-time, real-world, sensing and independent advice to support decision making across the spectrum of homeland security operations within the region. The Brazos Valley Homeland Security Committee scores the regional applications for the Homeland Security Grant Program.

HSAC Membership

HSAC Bylaws

HSAC Meetings

HSAC Minutes

Homeland Security Grant Program

The Homeland Security Grant Program (HSGP) plays and important role in the funding for a range of preparedness activities, including planning, organization, equipment purchase, training, exercises, and management and administration.  The HSGP aids in the building, sustainment, and delivery of core capabilities essential to achieving a secure and resilient region.  The HSGP supports efforts to build and sustain core capabilities across the five mission areas of Prevention, Protection, Mitigation, Response, and Recovery.

Current Grant Information

Current information available at the Homeland Security website include:

eGrants Website

NIMS Website

Grant Funding Schedule (Grant Solicitations Available Here)

BVCOG Request for Proposals / Policies and Procedures FY 2016

FEMA Website

FEMA Typing Website

Score Sheets for FY – 2016 HSGP Applications

(Updated score sheets for FY 2016 will be uploaded January 2016)

FY – 2016 Homeland Security Projects Score Sheet

FY – 2016 Homeland Security Project Application

For questions on grant funding opportunities or for further information on the department you may contact:
Cale Teeter
Senior Homeland Security Planner
(979) 595-2800 ext. 2060