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Forms & Applications

When applying for Solid Waste Management Grant Funds, you willl need  forms numbered 1 -4 and sumbit forms 2- 4 to the Brazos Valley Council of Governments. (Click on each form below for access.) 

Read the instructions carefully, especially the Selection Criteria in the Request for Application Instructions.

1.  FY 2019 Request for Applications

2. FY 2019 BVCOG Solid Waste Grant Application 

3. Certification of Compliance with State Laws

4. Certification to Allow Public Review of Pending Application

Brazos Valley Council of Governments Regional Plan and Closed Landfill Inventory

BVCOG Regional Plan Part I (document)

BVCOG Regional Plan Part II (document)

BVCOG Closed Landfill Inventory

Requests for Assistance Forms

Citizen Request for Assistance Form