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On March 9, 2016, the Brazos Valley Regional Transportation Planning Organization (RTPO) signed a resolution approving the Prioritized Project List of highway projects. All projects covered on this list are located within counties that comprise the Brazos Valley Council of Governments (BVCOG). This process was created to list projects according to a system that incorporates both TxDOT’s statewide goals and local priorities with both subjective and objective data.

The process for Highway Prioritization began as early as 2014, however, this official process began through a series of workshops beginning in Summer 2015. Members of the Regional Technical Planning Committee (RTPC) were asked to consult with local officials in their local communities of regional transportation needs and potential projects of regional significance. These projects were then scored on a matrix, and ranked on the Prioritized Project List. The RTPC Committee officially approved the Prioritized Project List during their February 24th meeting.

Final Project Documents

1. Intro Letter

2. Signed Resolution

3. Prioritized Project List

4. Project Prioritization Process

5. Presentation with Project Locations

prioritization map

Map of projects on a regional scale

Top Ten Projects

Click on the Highway shields below for map of the potential project location.

1. US Highway 79 – Bridge Replacement at the Brazos River

US Highway 79

2. State Highway 6 – Safety Improvements, Navasota to Waller County Line


3. FM 50 – Construct shoulders, SH 105 to Burleson County Line

Farm Road 50

4. FM 244- Widen shoulders and Bridges in Grimes County


5 & 6. Interstate 45 – Widen to 6 Lanes in Madison and Leon Counties


7. FM 50 – Construct shoulders, Washington County Line to SH 21

Farm Road 50

8. US 290 – Interchange redesign (construct flyover ramp) at SH 36

750px-US_290.svg 36

9. SH 6 – Grade Separation at FM 2

384px-Texas_6.svg Texas_FM_2.svg

10. SH 6 – Widen to 6 lanes in Bryan/College Station



Highway 6 in Brazos County